Salutare dupa aceasta perioada de „pandemie politica CV” in care am lipsit cu desavarsire de pe blog.

Am cautat sa ma ascund de orice forma de a (mai) scrie sau vorbi despre asta public.

Cred ca a venit timpul sa revin la a scrie aici odata cu incheierea acestui capitol si imi cer scuze cititorilor, pe aceasta cale.

In fine, astazi, in timp ce rasfoiam stirile zilei, am descoperit intamplator acest articol  referitor la un concurs organizat de Bigelow Institute .

Acest institut, format de catre niste domni cu cash care au adunat cercetatori si experti, cauta cumva sa descopere, apeland la public, o dovada palpabila a vietii de apoi. Oferind premii substantiale pentru asta.

Fie ca este o pasiune, un moft sau pur si simplu disperarea de a gasi un confort vizavi de ce le rezerva viitorul, aceasta initiativa, limitata la oameni specializati si aprobati in a emite articole pe tema abordata, m-a fascinat.

Din simplul motiv ca isi propune cumva, cu speranta, ca cineva, undeva, poate raspunde afirmativ, cu dovezi stiintifice, la una dintre „marile intrebari”.

Altcineva decat expertii care fac parte din juriu si institut, care pesemne nu au reusit sa gaseasca nimic concret.

Am decis, deci, sa le scriu si eu un e-mail, pe care il fac public mai jos, in speranta ca oamenii care au aceasta pornire si putere financiara se vor urni, eventual, in cautarea elementului care conteaza cu adevarat.

Anumite fragmente scurte sunt extrase, vizand intimitatea si securitatea datelor mele personale.

Iata textul:

Dear friends at BICS,

[…] I am writing to you regarding your quest to prove life after death exists.
You seem to have capable people amongst yourselves, from fields like Neurology, Forensics etc.
It comes natural for every human being to seek knowing that, after they are physically gone, they will still remain somewhere as themselves and not vanish completely. It’s the last bastion of thought and hope and it’s the base of religion.
It’s nothing to speak of lightly and no point in denying that, deep down, we need to tell ourselves as self-conscious, intelligent beings that something bigger, more powerful, watches over us, guides us when we feel the lowest / powerless. It’s what drives us to go further, what makes us get out of bed.
It’s also something that everybody would like to know, that they go somewhere and persist even beyond their given time, much more so when you have the money or power to try and solve the riddle.
However, I have two things to tell you.
First, the scientific point of view. I hope we can agree that what defines us and makes us unique as individuals and characters are the socio-cultural and educational experiences we go through from the day we are born to the day we die. That entirety of events shapes us to be the people we are in a way that nobody else will be.
It defines our behavior, our way of thinking, even the way we dress and talk. It makes us, us. That is why if you were to clone yourselves, given the different way your clone would be raised today, it probably would become a totally different person than you are.
There is also the fact that, given you can’t be in two places at once, even a replica you could look at and interact with wouldn’t be you, but somebody else, who is just structurally and genetically identical.
Now, all these emotions, thoughts, experiences, they pass through the cortex. This evolutionary wonder that makes us human, our brain, is, fundamentally, what contains our identity, and the „newer” part of it is what splits us from animals and gives us the reasoning and logic we have.
Alongside this, we experience the outer world given it’s connection with our receptors, meaning our senses (eyes, ears, nose, mouth etc).
But these are all physical, packed in our amazing bodies that work as a single organism even if made up of billions of independent cells that do their specialized job just right.
If we take these away, meaning our receptors and processing unit (containing all memories of past events and our identity and behavior) which die and putrefy, I have to ask you, as scientists, how can you believe you can still be Jane, or Jack, or however you identify yourself as an individual?
It is true that A. Lavoisier said that nothing is lost, everything gets transformed. Our brain and body work by generating and using electrical current, in the end, alongside hormones and chemical compounds, meaning we are in ourselves an „electrical generator” – so we contain and produce energy.
But even if we suppose this energy is „released” into a form when we die, that energy wouldn’t be Jack or Jane, because it could not comprehend it. It also couldn’t hear, couldn’t see, couldn’t smell or feel, because those physical components are gone (brain and receptors).
It would probably just manifest itself as a pure energy form with no self-consciousness, that just exists randomly in a shape or dispersed.
Scientists have already proven that many cells in our body survive for variable periods of time after we die, some even days. That includes brain cells (electrical discharges still happen), receptor cells and whatever else, so we can still hear something, smell or whatever else in that time frame.
This time frame explains why people that have been brought back from being clinically dead experience imaginative events of tunnels or meeting loved ones. It also explains why some have sort of a „lucid dream”, hearing and knowing everything that goes on around them. Because they are not actually dead yet.
In fact, this time frame is so small (given they have to be brought back to life to talk about them), that, as far as science is concerned, should provide absolutely no valid proof or opinion regarding what happens to somebody who „really” died. For these people, only their hearts stop, not their brains.
As far as science facts are concerned, nobody that died for real has ever been brought back to tell what happened (meaning somebody who went though the whole process of their cells dying and the body fully stopping to function).
Second, from a subjective point of view, I am speaking from experience, as I have gone through such an event myself after being intoxicated with carbon monoxide when I was younger and having no pulse for about 3-4 minutes before being found, carried outside and resuscitated .
There were some color flashes and then it was like being in a black ocean with no light whatsoever, suspended in darkness, trying to look around and at my non-existing arms and body.
I realized some time after the event (a few years worth of thinking it through), that my still-working brain was actually the one that had „created” that environment, and I am absolutely sure that, beyond the publicity and image and covers, everyone who goes through such an experience questions himself about this later and realizes this
(given they can overpass the religious and mystical component surrounding it without succumbing to a lifetime of maintaining a lie they end up believing in themselves).
If we can understand that we are energy contained in our physical bodies, we can understand that we work as „beacons”, forming connections to everybody and everything we know and love, leaving behind small parts of it generated in time „snapshotted”, wherever we go and whatever we do.
This creates a „global network”, if you want, a „collective consciousness” uniting all people just like a grid. This reflects globally all around us. If I don’t know something, you do, or another in Congo or whatever does. I am not there, but he is.
All the knowledge about everything, and all the places in the world, are inhabited by us, as a whole. We, as humans, are omniscient in our knowledge, and omnipresent in our world, on our planet. This is not a theory, it’s a fact.
If you are looking for a scientific proof of God, think through it and look no further but around you. The real, fabulous, hidden truth is there, in our collective consciousness and bonds that unite us.
When an event takes place with a huge energy release / load, such as a battle or a traumatic event where many perish, that energy lingers. It is the effective explanation of a snapshot in time of that energy that creates the so-called „paranormal events”.
Think about it. These usually behave the same way for people that see them: something materializes, does the exact same thing, disappears. Every single time.
The lingering energy and ways that it can manifest are still unknown to us, but people and things we love are bound to maintain and stock a small bit of our energy even after we are gone. That doesn’t make it conscious though or acting on it’s own behalf (able to think or sense).
As all beings have a storage of events in the form of memory, and we know that events actually happened and that the space-time continuum is real and time is not just a human convention (but just a human set interval for better reference and not the same as universal time flow),
we are constantly proving the Universe has this storage capacity as well and the ability of taking and reproducing such energy „snapshots” repeatedly.
This universal energy link might also be the key to explaining „deja-vu” events through random transfers to you from somebody who has already been there. But that is probably a more complex talk, fit for another time.
All in all, science tells us one thing: we die physically, and we are gone, just like candles, with all our knowledge, our thoughts, emotions, and senses. We can only pray (pun intended) and hope we find something or go somewhere, but the truth, I guess, is just too hard to digest.
In the end, apart from this lingering energy left here in people and objects we love and interact with, we cannot maintain our ego or anything from this life after we’re gone.
We don’t become ghosts that wander around, nor do we go to an imaginary place where we either meet everyone and have a good time or boil for our „mortal sins” for eternity.
To maintain who we are, we must preserve the container – the brain, or find a way to move all the information to another place to store.
Not copy, because that would mean making a copy of yourself that would live separately while you still die, but move, fully, with everything connected we still don’t know about (like cell memory where transplanted people gain habits of donors etc).
We have to either:
– Preserve ourselves and become biologically immortal – which is absolutely not impossible if we
a) prevent apoptosis – meaning like ion cell membrane transport system opening with calcium flooding and cell death – we would have to allow cell replication past „death signal and ligand phase” and those mechanisms aren’t fully deciphered yet.
b) suspend cells in a state like telophase – just like women ovules live as cells and never age or change until one gets the signal to complete the cycle, maturate and get expelled once per month until they run out and the female enters menopause.
c) study animals like the immortal sea anemones or others with similar biological immortality and try to copy their mechanisms through genetic manipulation for human transfer and implementation.
– Move:
a) our entire heads / brains to another body, either biological, younger / healthier (unethical – the church would say […]) or artificial – as a main component needed.
b) the entire content that makes us individuals, after we study and decipher the mechanics properly, meaning information in brain and organs, onto a bio-cybernetic storage space or in the cloud, making it attachable to an artificial body or maintainable forever in a humane way.
Unfortunately, it seems everybody would rather go searching for answers regarding what happens after you die than being more passionate about finding ways to prevent it.
Maybe someday, when everybody will understand that life as we know it is not possible after death, we will focus on what really matters. I, myself, […], am looking forward to that.
And please, don’t take it as a mean thing aimed at you guys in any way, it’s a general unfortunate issue that brings us all closer to finding out what happens after we die, with each passing day.
Have a wonderful time and thanks for reading what I had to tell you.

Va ofer pe aceasta cale si un insight privind gandurile mele precum si elemente obiective vizand aceste aspecte, al „vietii de dupa moarte” si al mortii in general.

Consider si sper ca, in viitor, sa ne concentram pe prelungirea vietii biologice in incercarea de a ne conserva identitatea si personalitatea.

Astept comentarii pertinente sau pur si simplu un gand sau o opinie personala referitoare la acelasi subiect.

Mentionez ca nu ma aventurez in polemici religioase sau de alta natura, considerandu-ma o fiinta apropiata de stiinta si cunoastere.

O zi faina, Din Mahala!


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